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ТУ 9197-402-23476484-01
ГОСТ Р 31645-2012
Мука гречневая
ГОСТ Р 31645-2012
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ГОСТ Р 31645-2012

About the company


Our company is one of the leading and stable working ones on the food market of Russia. «DIETPROM» is a specialized enterprise for the production of children's and dietary products, having modern equipment and technology, skilled personnel, serious operational control.

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On the website you will find detailed information of interest for a wide range of businessmen and specialists of the food industry. Our products are delivered to all regions of Russia; www.dietprom.ru

rice flour buckwheat flour oat flour wheat flour flour unprocessed
raw buckwheat
flour corn millet flour
State Standarts Р 31645-2012 Specification 9197-001-63528860-2010 (wholewheat)

Our partners are the enterprises of various food industries: meat, dairy, confectionery and fish, and the enterprises producing children's and dietary food products.

RAW materials

Raw materials for the production of flour are crops grown by the domestic producers. Obligations of suppliers, ensuring the absence of genetically modified components in crops is the main criterion when choosing raw materials.

rice buckwheat oats wheat buckwheat corn millet


FLOUR for CHILDREN'S and DIETARY food products
State Standarts Р 31645-2012 Price (taxes included) Specification 9197-001-63528860-2010 Price (taxes included)
rice flour 0,60 €/kg. wheat flour (wholewheat) 0,60 €/kg.
buckwheat flour 1,00 €/kg. flour unprocessed raw buckwheat 1,20 €/kg.
oat flour 0,85 €/kg. flour corn (wholewheat) 0,75 €/kg.
Serial production millet flour (wholewheat) 0,75 €/kg.
BRAN for dietary food
BUCKWHEAT bran (milling of 1,0-1,5 mm) 1,45 €/kg.
OAT bran (milling of 1,0-1,5 mm) 1,20 €/kg.

PACKAGING: 30 kg in four-layer paper bag with polyethylene insert.


If you produce children's, dietary food, meat, dairy products, canned food, confectionery or pasta, chips, ketchup, roll your product; process products before packaging, then you are in need of replacement or reduction of the volume of applications genetically modified starch, concentrates and soy proteins. We can be useful for you and offer a mutually beneficial partnership. you will be able to:

  • make your useful for health products of high demand;
  • replace chemically modified natural ingredients;
  • increase consumer appeal of your product and thus reduce the net cost of its manufacture.

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Быстро, выгодно, надежно

Обращаясь к нам, Вы получаете высококвалифицированную помощь наших специалистов по вопросам сертификации, которые грамотно, оперативно, подготовят все необходимые документы и проведут сертификацию продукции в оптимальные для Вас сроки.
Одним из основных принципов является индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту, это значит что в независимости от величины Вашего бизнеса мы подберем для Вас самую удобную и быструю схему сертификации с учетом всех юридических нюансов и Ваших интересов.
Мы будем рады взаимовыгодному сотрудничеству.